Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils shine in two unlikely places: the Bible and quantum physics. Oils appear frequently in the Bible, but you might have missed them. You’ve probably heard the Nativity story with frankincense and myrrh, but did you know both were oils? 

And when you get into quantum physics, you realize that our mind and our thoughts and our intentions are impugned upon physical matter. We now know that our thoughts and intentions influence the effects of oils. 

So quantum physics becomes a fundamental science in understanding how the oils work. 

In quantum physics, light can be manifested as a continuous wave or it can manifest as a stream of discrete particles called photons. Light is measured as a series of particles in a continuous wave. We know what it is at the time we measure it, but what was it on its way to where we picked it up? If the light starts over here and you pick it up over there, what is it in between? Particle or wavelength? 

The answer is neither. It's not even light. It's just a packet of probabilities. 

We have to look upon oils in the same manner. 

If somebody asks you what will an oil do, you can give them a chemical answer and it would be sufficient. The deeper truth, though, is that oil has hundreds of compounds in it. So if somebody asks you “What will that oil do?” You can give them a quantum physics answer and “What do you want it to do?” 

It’s a packet of possibilities. It will manifest certain possibilities for one person and different another and still others for somebody else. 

What decides the possibilities that manifest? Your intention. 

So out of that packet of possibilities we make decisions on an unconscious or conscious level that pulls out of that oil certain things to happen. 

That's why prayer works so well with the oils, and why the oils work so well with prayer. 

What's absolutely fascinating is today you can understand how these oils do work on a molecular level.

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Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

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