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This is me . . . .  :)  

Welcome to Holistic Pets & Peeps!  
I'm Raven, and my goal is to inspire you today!!  
Via Holistic Pets & Peeps, I offer Holistic Lifestyle Consultations (for Pets & Peeps!), Aromatherapy, Reiki Energy Distant Healing (also for Pets & Peeps!), Premium Pet Food / Pet Products & Nutritional Products (yes . . . again for Pets & Peeps!), fun pet-related products & gift items (proceeds benefit rescues & shelters), and safe, effective Holistic Therapies using 100% therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils and NHV Natural Pet Products. All services available for animals and their people. ♥

All services are by appointment only.

I work closely with the Angels, Spirit Guides & Animal Spirit realms on my mission to empower others to take charge of their own health and wellness on every level . . . . spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I also utilize 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to enhance my energy healing and spiritual guidance.

I offer the following modalities and services for animals and people worldwide:

~ Holistic Wellness Lifestyle Consultant
~ Energy & Spiritual Healing
~ Young Living Essential Oils ~ Independent Distributor #1797711
~ Premium Pet Nutrition & Holistic Pet Care Products
~ Certified Reiki Practitioner (Animals & People)
~ Grief Recovery for Pet Loss
~ Certified Angel Card Reader®
~ Angel Intuitive / Medium
~ Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®
~ Certified Spirit Guide Coach®

How Did I End Up Here?!

As you may or may not know (depending on how well you know me!), I have had a series of life's not-so-little circumstances thrown across my path over the past several years . . . the death of my fiance, who was also my best friend, life partner & business partner in a horrific car accident where we were struck by a drunk driver. Sadly, my fiance died and I was injured pretty badly. I also seem to have acquired some mysterious chronic health issues caused by the accident and/or due to negative energies & attachments that I cannot seem to completely clear myself of. As an Intuitive Empath, there also tends to be the occasional bizarre incident that pops up here and there.  All of this "stuff" has truly turned my world upside-down, however, no matter how frustrating my situation may become, I continue to rely on my spirituality, my faith, and my go-to holistic therapies to see me through. 

Conventional (Western) medicine has failed me time and time again, therefore, I do everything in my power to maintain control of the reigns in an effort to keep moving forward on this continuously enlightening journey of holistic healing.  I hope that you will stick around and enjoy this amazing journey with me!

I share this with you as I feel it is important for others to know that there IS hope and that I CAN help you.  I have been where many of you are right now . . . . and I still encounter many hurdles on my holistic and spiritual paths, which is why I am able to share with you what has worked for myself and many of my clients . . . . things that can also work for you!

What Do I Do?

My offerings include healthy, non-toxic, holistic lifestyle information, products, resources, recipes, Earth-friendly advice, and lots of fun stuff on how to make holistic living a worthwhile journey for you and your pets!  

My hope is that what I share with you might encourage you to make conscious choices that not only help you and your family but also empower you to help other sentient beings . . . . people, animals, and the planet.

So, whether you are seeking natural, holistic products & resources, energy or spiritual healing, or just basic lifestyle information for yourself or your pets, I am here to help!

With Gratitude & Light . . . .

Raven & the Furkids  

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