Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Why is Life's Abundance Not Found in Stores?


This is one of the questions that is asked most frequently! It is not enough to put great care into developing and making exceptional premium products. For us, it's also imperative to ensure that the customer receives the product in the same, premium condition they expect. Which leads us to why our products are not offered in chain stores or online retailers. Traditional distribution methods lack product control. For example, when a product leaves a manufacturer’s facility, it’s impossible to know if that product retained its original quality after sitting in warehouses and on shelves for months on end. We not only make premium products, but we also ensure that we DELIVER premium products directly to your doorstep! 

Our products are made in frequent batches and go directly from the manufacturer to our warehouses where they are carefully boxed and shipped to customers. This controlled distribution process allows us to deliver products in their original premium condition. You may have your own experiences that reflect this. Perhaps you opened a snack only to realize that it was stale right out of the wrapper. Or maybe the flavor was a little off, or the contents of the package were pulverized. These common scenarios are the result of a typical distribution channel where the product can be subjected to extreme temperatures, extended periods in storage, environments lacking pest control, and more. In the end, the consumer may be getting a very different product than what they’d hoped for. 

Because of our direct shipping relationship with consumers, combined with our controlled manufacturing process, we know which consumer received which product, down to the lot number. In the event there is ever an issue with a product, our proactive communications system allows us to reach 6,000 people by phone in just one hour! We can also reach them by email and through the mail.

Our no-worry notification system gives people the transparency they desire and helps boost confidence in their purchase decision. Another reflection of our purpose, this system is in place to protect consumers to the level we think they deserve. We view the traditional system of product recalls to be inherently broken. That is, unless the problem is big enough to have potentially harmed a large number of people, most consumers will never hear about a recall. Yet we have a solution to keep customers safe that we not only feel is acceptable, but that we take pride in. 

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Raven Hannah is a self-described animal whisperer, lifelong pet parent, and owner of HolisticPetsAndPeeps.com & TheGiftedPet.com. She is certified as a holistic consultant, aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner (for animals and people), and pet nutritionist. She encourages others to celebrate animals as part of the family, as well as keep them happy, healthy, and spoiled! When Raven isn’t busy being a slave to her very demanding senior cats or helping her favorite rescues with fundraising projects, she is most likely working on growing her businesses and raising awareness in an effort to make this world a better place for all creatures.