Pet Professionals Program

Pet Professionals . . . get paid for recommending our products to your clients! The Life's Abundance Pet Professionals Program offers premium health products for pets (and their peeps!) which translates into more income for you.

Life's Abundance Pet Professionals Program

* Groomers

* Trainers 

* Pet Sitters

* Dog Walkers 

* Doggy Daycare 

* Kennels / Boarding Facilities

* K-9 Units for Law Enforcement (get your dog food & treats paid for!)

* Animal Shelters & Rescues (fundraising & grant programs)

* Emergency Service Professionals (K-9 Search & Rescue Teams)

* Veterinary Offices

Do you get paid every time you recommend a product to your client? If not, then why not?! Create an additional revenue stream by doing EXACTLY what you are currently doing for your clients . . . . recommending products!

Learn More About Our Pet Professionals Program!

Your customers already entrust their beloved pets to you, so why wouldn't they trust you with their pet’s nutritional needs?

Look at the pet products on the shelves today. Most pet foods contain poor sources of protein such as corn, wheat, by-products and nutritionally devoid fillers. Then there are artificial flavors, toxic food coloring, and chemical preservatives. And, let's not forget the treats! Very few have ANY health benefits and may even contain ingredients that should NEVER be found in ANYTHING consumable. 

On top of all that, we are ALL exposed to so many environmental toxins on a daily basis. Taking all that into account, it’s not hard to understand why good nutrition is imperative!

Let Us Help You While You Help Pets & Pet Parents!

Most pet parents really don’t know what is actually IN their pet’s food. They may choose a brand based on a television commercial or celebrity endorsement, then trust that the manufacturer has their pet’s best interest in mind. Sadly, that's not always the case as we have learned from far too many recalls of tainted food and treats over the years. It is up to us as pet parents to learn how to decipher an ingredient label and discover what’s really in our pet’s food, which truly should motivate us to make a change for the better.

As a pet professional, we believe that every pet's health is one of your top priorities. We also understand that you work very hard (and likely very long hours) because of your love for pets.

Pet professionals who join our program and follow our guidelines have been very successful in recommending our holistic line of pet food, treats, supplements, and pet care products. It’s as easy as offering your clients pet food and treat samples along with information directing them to the Life's Abundance website we provide for you!

Once your clients become Life's Abundance customers based on your recommendations, you get paid! You can generate an additional revenue stream AND feel confident that you are offering premium quality products for the pets (and pet parents) you serve! Our pet products are all formulated by the highly regarded holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks. She truly cares about pet health and the science behind the nutrition!
When you join our Life's Abundance team, you become part of a wonderful company filled with pet parents who truly care! We provide you with outstanding support and ongoing training in addition to our amazing line of premium products for pets and their people. 

We Offer A Full Line of Life’s Abundance Pet Products

As pet professionals, we constantly see problems such as skin and coat irritations, allergies, joint stiffness, obesity, ear infections and more. Now you can recommend products that truly work and get paid for the recommendation!

* All our products have a full money back guarantee.

* Life’s Abundance pet products will truly make a positive difference in pets’ lives.

* The Pet Professionals Program can help you earn additional income from your existing customer base.

* Life’s Abundance is a natural extension of your business. You’re already recommending pet products, so why not get paid?

* As a Life’s Abundance representative, you can earn ongoing income by encouraging your clients to enroll with our auto-ship program which ensures that they will never run out of their pets' food or treats!

* You can even earn additional income by referring other pet professionals to the program!

* NO inventory requirements. Products are delivered to your client's door.

* NO monthly order requirements! 

* NO retail requirements unless you decide to add that to your business!

* Friendly customer service and technical support!

* Helpful tools such as your own website, catalogs, and sample packs for sharing!

We have found over the years that pet professionals who sell Life’s Abundance products notice an increase in their current businesses through unsolicited customer referrals.

In today’s uncertain economy, those of us who are self-employed are seeking a bit more financial security. If you don’t go to work tomorrow, will you still get paid? The ongoing income potential with Life’s Abundance can help build that all important financial security.

You may also find that new pet parents contacting you for Life’s Abundance products will also be interested in your pet services . . . . and your current clients will be interested in Life's Abundance, so you benefit both ways! We will show you how spending an additional few minutes of your time with each client can bring you extra revenue every month!!

Still have questions? I'm here to help! Please feel free to Contact Me! via the form on this site or you are welcome to email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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