Senior Pet Project

Keeping Senior Pets in Forever Homes & 

Helping Seniors Keep Their Pets  

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Senior Pet Project ~ keeping senior pets out of the shelters, raising awareness 
regarding the alarming rate at which senior pets are being dumped, as well as 
helping senior people on fixed incomes afford their pets. No true pet lover should 
ever have to choose between paying for their own expenses and paying for their pet's 
basic needs ~ food, treats, and regular vet care. 100% of your donation goes 
directly to the animals and the humans who are helping them!

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As a life-long rescued pet parent, animal lover and animal rights advocate with a soft spot for the seniors in need . . . both pets and people . . . I was raised to respect ALL living beings, as well as the wisdom of our elders, regardless of species. 

In March 2013, I was brought to tears by the story of a senior couple who reluctantly left their 13 1/2-year-old senior dachshund wrapped in a blanket in a basket outside Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in California. Attached to his basket was a heartbreaking letter: 

"Our dog is 13½ years old. He is sick starting yesterday with bloody stools, vomiting. Had a skin disease for a few years. We are both seniors, sick with no money. We cannot pay for vet bills, or to put him to sleep. He has never been away from us in all those years. He cannot function without us. Please put him to sleep." 

You can read the entire story at Life With Dogs here: 

Senior Dog Left With Note by Heartbroken Senior Owners 

There are many stories that have reduced me to tears, anger, heartache, and that helpless feeling of wishing I could do more. I now feel compelled to do more, hence the creation of the Senior Pet Project. My mission is simple . . . . keep senior pets out of the shelters, and keep pets in their homes with their senior people (or others in need), who are on fixed incomes. No true pet lover should have to choose between paying for their own expenses and paying for their pet's basic needs . . . . food, treats, and regular vet care. 

It is beyond frustrating to constantly hear the heartbreaking stories about shameless owners dumping their senior pets at a shelter, or God forbid, on the side of the road, leaving them lost, confused, frightened and alone. Rarely is there a valid reason. 

The money raised for this project is currently being used for urgent situations involving senior pets and to set up a 501(c)3 (non-profit) foundation, Senior Pet Project. We also plan to create a fund for education & awareness campaigns (pets are family, senior pets deserve better, pets are forever . . . not just "until", etc.), and from which we can assist those folks in need with daily necessities including food, pet supplies, quality vet care & transportation . . . . whatever is needed to best care for their pets . . . . and, to give everyone peace of mind. 

Eventually, we hope to open a sanctuary for senior pets who have been abandoned, are deemed "unadoptable", are terminally ill, or who need a place to live out the remainder of their twilight years. 

Please help us keep Senior Pet Project going by donating today. You can help make a difference in the lives of senior pets, as well as senior people who are unable to afford their pets. 

Donate Here Via PayPal:

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Offline donations are also gratefully accepted! Please specify whether or not you wish to receive a "perk" for your donation. (Please allow us to choose!)

Please make payable and send to: 

Raven Hannah / Senior Pet Project 
c/o The Gifted Pet 
P.O. Box 444

Chesterfield, MA  01012-0444

 In loving memory of Homer Dog, Kenya Cat, Modaka Cat, Patrik Pug, and all the senior pets that I have been blessed enough to share my home with during my lifetime. This project is also dedicated to Niklas, my soul mate, life partner, confidante and so much more, who was taken from us far too soon. I miss you every single day and wish you were still here to see this project come to fruition. 

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Raven is an engaging entrepreneur who encourages others to celebrate pets (and ALL animals) as part of the family, as well as keep them happy, healthy, and spoiled with her Holistic Healing, Animal Intuition, Aromatherapy, Animal Reiki ( &, as well as her premium pet food business (

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