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Welcome to Healing Oils for Animals!

You may have arrived here seeking holistic health alternatives for your cats, dogs, birds, horses or other animals. You may already use essential oils for yourself or your human family and would love to learn how to use them for your animals as well. I am here to help guide you on the proper usage of essential oils for animals.

I encourage you to share my posts, however, please do not alter my wording or my pictures in any way, as they are the property of The Gifted Pet & Holistic Pets & Peeps! and are copyrighted for my purposes.

Before we get started, there are a few important things to understand about essential oils and their use in animals. I am certified in holistic therapies and energy healing. I am not a medical professional, nor am I here to diagnose your animal's condition, or proclaim to have a "cure" for anything. My recommendations are by no means the only protocols that will work or that can be used for various conditions. What I will offer you is a natural, non-toxic, holistic approach to your pet's health, which includes pet food, treats, supplements, pet care products, Reiki energy healing and essential oil therapies. It is a system that encompasses every aspect of overall animal health . . . . inside and out. 

If you have a question about a situation with your animal, please phrase it as such when contacting me: 

"My animal (please specify cat, dog, bird, fish, horse, or other animal) is experiencing ________. Is there an oil or holistic remedy for that?"

I will get back to you as quickly as humanly possible and / or post it on my Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/HealingOilsForAnimals) as a reference for all, as this may help them in a similar situation. I will also give you guidance as to how to administer the oils or supplements via diffusing, topical application, or oral ingestion. Please DO NOT deviate from these instructions or you may cause unnecessary harm to your animal!

Should you wish to get started with your own oils and products, I recommend that you enroll as a wholesale member in 
Young Living by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit  (there are a few to choose from). The most popular PSK includes the Everyday Oils, a bonus oil called Stress Away, your choice of Diffuser, as well as samples to try or share. This is an excellent investment in your own health as well as the health of your animals.

You also have the option of joining as a Retail Member, as opposed to a Wholesale Member, so it is completely up to you. Be sure to explore the option for monthly Essential Rewards orders which earn you points that you can spend on additional products, as well as promotional items every month that you can earn for free, just by shopping for what you already need.

Please ask me for additional information, or you may learn more by logging on to:

www.HolisticOilsForPetsAndPeeps.com (then click on the Contact Me page for more info)

Thank you for joining me on this amazing holistic journey. I am truly grateful to have you here with me and look forward to helping you any way I can! ♥

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