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What Are Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils?

Essential oils, known as nature's living energy, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. The distinctive components in essential oils defend plants against insects, environmental conditions, and disease. They are also vital for a plant to grow, live, evolve, and adapt to its surroundings. Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plant sources via steam distillation and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs.

While essential oils often have a pleasant aroma, their chemical makeup is complex and their benefits vast ~ which makes them much more than something that simply smells good.

Historically, essential oils have played a prominent role in everyday life. With more than 200 references to aromatics, incense, and ointments throughout the Bible, essential oils are said to be used for anointing and healing the sick. Today, essential oils are used for aromatherapy, massage therapy, emotional health, personal care, nutritional supplements, household solutions, and much more.

Young Living Essential Oils, the leading provider of essential oils, offers more than 300 essential oil singles and blends. All Young Living Essential Oils meet the YLTG standard. This means that every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. Only YLTG Essential Oils should be used for the primary methods of application, which include inhalation, topical application, and ingestion.

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Wholesale Member vs Retail? Which should you choose?

Wholesale Member ~ A good way to think of this is similar to a membership (like Costco or Sam's Club). You buy a one-time "Starter Kit" and then you receive wholesale pricing (24% off retail). You can buy any of Young Living's Products whenever you choose or however often you choose with no annual membership fee!

Personally, I feel the BEST way to start is with one of our Premium Starter Kits. Pricing begins at $160 and is based on your choice of diffuser, plus shipping and tax. This is the ultimate Young Living product and business experience! An extraordinary value that offers a comprehensive introduction to the power of essential oils, the Premium Starter Kit is the perfect option for those who are serious about transforming their lives. The Premium Starter Kit includes: Everyday Oils collection, your choice of Diffuser, Welcome to Young Living booklet, Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide, Distributor Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet, Stress Away 5-ml, AromaGlide Roller Fitment, Sample Packets in Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon Sample Packets & Thieves, 10 Sample Vials with Sample Cards, two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples, Distributor Agreement, Product Guide and Product Price List. When you are at the "Checkout" you can continue to shop for other items if you would like to save on shipping.

Retail Member ~ You simply buy the products just as you would buy anything online and pay full retail. Shop when you want and you can always choose to become a Wholesale Member later.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Wholesale Member

Why should I become a Young Living Wholesale Member?

In addition to the wholesale pricing (24% off retail price), you also have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils. If this is something you are considering, please private message me. I will be more than happy to help you get your essential oil business started!

Is there a monthly order minimum?

No. You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being a Wholesale Member.

I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member?

Of course not.  Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it.  There is no requirement to have a business.

Still have questions? CONTACT ME!!

Signing Up As A Young Living Wholesale Member

1. Go to the sign-up page:

2. Select "Order Now" and then “Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member”

3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. That's me! Raven Hannah, ID # 1797711

4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info. 

(U.S. Residents ~ your SSN is no longer required to enroll as a Wholesale Member . . . yippee! However, should you decide to become a Young Living business builder, then you will eventually need to provide your SSN or EIN number for tax purposes as required by law. YL will NEVER share this info with anyone.)

5. Create your password and pin, which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils.

6. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which Starter Kit you would like. Again, I feel the Premium Kit offers the best value and gives you a great introduction to many of our products! You must sign up with one of these kits to become a Wholesale Member. To maintain your 24% discount going forward, you only need to spend $50 each subsequent year with Young Living on any product in their store. That’s it! You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish.

7. Set up your *optional* Essential Rewards Program. Now don’t be confused by this next step. Purchasing one of the Essential Rewards kits is NOT a requirement to sign up as a Wholesale Member! This is a rewards program you can opt into if you wish to start earning money back to help pay for your oils. At this point, you can skip this step by selecting “No, thank you. I plan on enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program later".  If one of the ER kits looks valuable to you, then, by all means, purchase one in addition to your Starter Kit!

8. Agree to Terms & Conditions.

9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER! I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully completing their checkout. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again, and it will make you enter your payment information again. We would not want that to happen because then your order would not go through and you would not receive your oils!

That’s it! Congratulations! Welcome to the amazing world of essential oils!

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