Friday, May 15, 2015

Young Living Seed-To-Seal Update

From acres of sweet lavender in Utah to rows of fragrant eucalyptus trees in Ecuador, our global farms are emblematic of the purity and quality of everything we do.

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Following is an update on some of Young Living's Farms around the world:

Mona Lavender Farm Utah, U.S.

The largest herb farm and distillery in the world, our lavender farm in Mona, Utah, features nearly 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs and is open to visitors year round.

The farm continues distilling Juniper. Also, employees at the Mona farm have been busy preparing and planting for Spring.  As part of the greenhouse operations, Lavender seedlings are being transplanted to prepare the Lavender fields.

St. Maries Farm Idaho, U.S.

Previous to Young Living’s 1992 purchase of the land for the St. Maries farm, this area had never been exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and man-made fertilizers. This pristine condition makes the 200 acres of soil perfect for the cultivation of botanicals such as Melissa, Lavender, and Tansy.

During the Winter, the farm staff stayed busy supporting the Winter Harvest event at Highland Flats.

The fields at the St. Maries farm continue to be dormant and inaccessible due to mud and saturated ground conditions caused by rain. Work in the fields should resume within the next weeks, weather permitting.

Highland Flats Tree Farm Idaho, U.S.

The Highland Flats tree farm is located near the small Idaho town of Naples, less than 50 miles from the U.S. ~ Canada border. Since 2000, the 250-acre farm has hosted the annual Winter Harvest, where distributors join in harvesting blue spruce, balsam fir, red cedar, and pine trees. Each Spring, distributors also participate in the Spring Planting, an important reforestation project that replaces the harvested trees.

Highland Flats also played host for Winter Harvest through the end of February. Even while facing winter road restrictions, a record-breaking 2,800 liters of oils have been produced since November 2014.

Workers at the Highland Flats farm have started distilling blue spruce again, and the floral water recirculation system is also up and running. Workers from the St. Maries farm are in Highland Flats helping to plant balsam fir saplings, as well as shipping trees that will be planted on other farms.

Young Living Farm Guayaquil, Ecuador

Boasting nearly 2,000 lush acres of farmland, our Ecuador farm’s fertile ground and year-round growing season support an abundance of Palo Santo trees, several new high-oil-content plants, along with ample cultivation of Lemongrass, Ruta Graveolens, and many more local plants and herbs. This farm is also proving to be the perfect place to harvest oils that are in short supply throughout the world, such as Helichrysum, which is renowned for its restorative properties.

Employees at the Ecuador farm have been harvesting and distilling Ylang Ylang and Mastrante, planting Dorado Azul and Oregano, and distilling Ocotea and Palo Santo.

Northern Lights Aromatic Farm, British Columbia, Canada

As one of our newer farms, we are excited to announce that the distillery is ready to fire! An all-natural water conditioner that was engineered to accommodate the organic farm and distillery has also been installed. This farm was created in an effort to prevent future out-of-stock issues by distilling black spruce, which is a key ingredient in many of our oil blends.

UPDATE:  The boiler and distillery are up and running, already producing 650 liters of black spruce! Because of this farm, we will not have to worry about our future Valor quantities ever again. In addition to black spruce, the farm will also soon grow einkorn grain and blue yarrow.

By cultivating, harvesting, and distilling many of our essential oils on our very own farms, we have the unique ability to verify perfection at every step of our process. Combine this with our extensive laboratory testing and independent audits, and it’s no wonder that we routinely exceed our own industry-leading quality standards. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there, however. Inspired by the fields, forests, and jungles that surround our pristine farms, Gary Young is constantly discovering new botanicals and essential oils, helping us bring more of nature’s greatest gifts to people everywhere.

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