Monday, May 23, 2016

Incense for Body, Mind & Spirit

Since 1977, Triloka is known for being the best smelling natural aromatherapy incense on the market! All Triloka incense is handmade in India by fair trade cottage industry partners. These unique formulas are made by the natural masala method. This age-old method combines sandalwood, herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils into a paste and is hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks and sun dried. Triloka incense is used for aromatherapy, spiritual enlightenment, purification, and meditation. 

Incense: An Introduction

Did you know? Perfume is from Latin, meaning "through smoke." Perfume and incense have a close relationship, as burning incense is the releasing of fragrance through smoke. However, incense is more than just a pleasant aroma. The basis of aromatherapy, burning incense provides a transformative experience that is both direct and immediate. Incense burning releases aromatic substances from plants and other natural derivatives into the air. As the smoke drifts, the relaxing and rejuvenating fragrance envelops the space and restores mind, body and spirit.

Incense: Sense of Smell

Did you know? The sense of smell is one of the oldest and first of the human senses. Incense affects one's overall wellbeing through scent. The aromatic smoke released by burning incense contains plant molecules,which trigger the olfactory system from the membrane at the base of the nose to the cerebrum inside the brain. Thus, burning incense stimulates the brain, impacting and influencing emotions, memory and mood.

Incense: The Heavenly Connection

Did you know? For thousands of years, incense has held a sacred purpose. It is believed that as its smoke rises, the incense carries prayers to heaven. Today, many religious faiths use incense during rituals of worship and meditation. Incense burning is a timeless way of supporting our inner development and of experiencing it consciously. It can help strengthen connections with natural forces, support inner growth and contribute to spiritual renewal.

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