Friday, January 26, 2018

Pack a Go Bag for Your Pets!

It’s hard to view the news these days and not be worried about the safety of our family. As a prior resident of California, I always spoke about the "four seasons" . . . . earthquake, fire, flood, and mudslide. These are all terrifying situations regardless of where you live ~ something we have witnessed over and over again lately ~ the wrath of Mother Nature (and climate change). 

Whenever we start to worry, it can help if we make plans. Plans help us feel more secure in the moment, and should disaster strike, we’ll have the confidence of being prepared.

Many of you may never have to deal with anything more extreme than an extended power outage. But, as we see in the news, situations can arise at the drop of a hat that necessitates having to leave home in a hurry. Even if you believe it could never happen to you, it is still best to be prepared just in case. 

Few things can put your mind at ease like having a go bag. You’ve probably seen these in films and TV shows. It’s a pre-packed travel bag with a few days’ worth of supplies. You may already have one ready to go … but can you say the same for your companion animals? Or, if you also have larger animals, do you have a plan for getting them to safety?! 

Here’s a short list of items to pack in case you need to evacuate with your dog(s) or cat(s).

Simply print the image below for future reference. It’s always best to be prepared!

PDF DocumentPDF Document

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