Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Get the Scoop on Adulterated Oils

The purity of essential oils is vital to not only their effectiveness but their safety as well. Essential oils are rich in molecules that help carry oxygen, nutrients, and other substances through the cell membranes. Combine essential oils with impure or toxic substances, and they will take those poisons right into every cell of your body.
Not only that but unsuspecting consumers may apply oils only to find that the supposedly pure essential oil irritates because it contains added chemicals and components that are irritating to the skin.
Instead of experiencing the benefits of wholesome essential oils from Young Living, consumers may instead be poisoning themselves unknowingly, or decide that essential oils don't work because they tried using inferior essential oils.


  • Bargain prices - $9.00 for 1/2 oz. of "pure, organic" lavender oil, $25.00 for "pure" frankincense.
  • Warning labels that say the product is "for external use only," "not for internal use," or recommend that you always dilute the essential oil before applying topically.
  • You get your essential oils at a health food store or a website that sells soap-making and candle-making supplies.
  • It's not from Young Living Essential Oils.

Safety Notice:  Never purchase essential oils from online websites like Amazon or Ebay ~ these oils could be adulterated and could be dangerous to your health!


Please understand that many oil companies purchase their oils from 3rd party oil distilleries. These 3rd party distilleries focus on quantity over quality, which means the oils they produce are commonly distilled more than once or in ways to hurry the process ~ thereby depleting the oil's therapeutic value.
Oils from companies who purchase 3rd party distilled oils are therefore technically ‘pure’ and ‘organic’ but degraded through distilling short-cuts. A good example of this is using a tea bag multiple times to brew tea.
Young Living does not purchase their oils from 3rd party distilleries, and their Seed to Seal production ensures that their oils are authentic, therapeutic-grade and the purest oils you can find in the world. How pure? Many of their oils contain supplement labels on them. Young Living's quality standard is much more robust than simply being organic.
This is why thousands of people all over the world choose Young Living Essential Oils.


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