Monday, August 22, 2016

YL's New Essential Rewards Program Begins September 1st

The Essential Rewards (ER) changes will be rolled out September 1st. The enhanced program benefits are available for everyone to participate in. New members will begin at month 0 and will start the qualification process for their bonus gifts immediately upon implementation of this new program.

Existing members will be rewarded on their percentage points based on how many consecutive ER orders have processed up to the point of implementation of these enhancements.

For example, if a member has been on ER for 18 consecutive months, they will start off at 20%. If a member has been on ER for 30 consecutive months, they will be at 25%.

All members, both new and existing, will qualify for the gifts, but will start at 0 months and need to earn by having consecutive ERs process, so once the program launches on September 1st, after 3 consecutive ER processes existing members will get the first gift, after 6 months the second gift, 9 months the third gift, and 12 months the special Loyalty blend.

Please know that with this new ER Program Enhancement, in order for any member to stay eligible for the gifts, they must consecutively process their ER for the required amount of months. The counter for free gifts resets if no order is placed, or the PV falls below 50 PV (no grace period).

If you're not on Essential Rewards, now is the time to get started!

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