Wednesday, February 7, 2018

An Old Dog Can Transform Your Life (and Teach You New Tricks)!

We are often asked which dogs are the best ones to bring into a household. Which breed is the easiest? The smartest? The most obedient? Should I get a puppy, an adult, or a senior dog? Many times the answer depends on your lifestyle. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to extol the virtues of senior dogs. 

Although puppies are adorable, they require a lot of work. Puppies need constant training, playtime, and housebreaking. Conversely, older dogs are generally much easier. Too often they are abandoned in at the shelter . . . . not because they are bad dogs but because they are viewed as "too old" by their owners. We find this unacceptable and cruel. Yes, there are times when an owner may pass away or can no longer care for their pet, however, more often than not, someone is just dumping their senior dog. 

Here are some great reasons to adopt a senior dog:
~ They are less destructive. Many older pets are well past the digging and chewing everything in sight phase, therefore, your shoes should be safe!
~ They usually have basic obedience skills. Older dogs often settle into a new home easily since they have already learned what it takes to get along with others and be part of the "pack". And another big advantage? Most are housebroken!
~ Older dogs can absolutely learn new tricks and often may just need some touch-up training. They are generally more attentive and eager to please than their younger counterparts. If you are concerned that an older dog won't bond with you, don't be. Dogs are remarkably resilient and open-hearted. Some completely overcome their pasts in a matter of days; others may take a few weeks or months, and a few will carry a little baggage for even longer than that. With lots of love, a little patience, and some consistency on your part, your dog can overcome any issues they may have from their past.
~ You can adopt a purebred pet. Did you know that there are rescues for pretty much every breed out there? And, many shelters have a variety of breeds and older pets available for adoption.
~ Ideal for seniors. Many senior citizens benefit from the company of an older dog, because they are calmer, trained and need less exercise. They are content to move through life at a slower speed.
~ There's no guesswork involved. Adult dogs have reached their maximum size, shape, and personality so what you see is what you get! Though most adopted pets tend to flourish once they find a loving, forever home. A puppy's size and health can be unpredictable.
~ Your first pet. If this is your first dog, or if you cannot devote the time necessary to train, socialize, and exercise a puppy properly, an adult dog could be a much better option for you.
~ You will be their hero and the center of their Universe! Older pets seem to have an intrinsic sense that without you, they wouldn't have a home. They will show you their appreciation daily. 

Please open your heart to a hard-to-place pet and help save the life of a senior dog that is waiting for you at a local shelter! You will be so glad you did!!

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